Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Providers!

We provide the following marketing services/products to healthcare providers.

Social Media Marketing and Management: We talk with you to elicit the social media strategy that is aligned with your business objectives. If you are new to social media, we setup and “furnish” your social media home(s). If you already have a presence, we can undertake an audit of your current presence and design/execute a “makeover” plan if we deem that necessary. We also provide content that you can publish on your social media channels in order to engage with your community; this content is tailored to ensure your social presence meets the objectives laid out in your social media strategy.

WaitingRoom TV: Your waiting room is a prime location for you to engage, educate and entertain in order to boost your brand with your patients. Our visual communications platform delivers beautifully designed videos that include personalized vignettes of you, your staff, your office and the procedures you do. We also include fun medical facts, nutritional and wellness factoids, real time news, weather and traffic and much much more.  All of this content is packaged in a way that tells your story in a way that allows you to connect even more deeply with your patients. We do all this using your current  LED/LCD/Plasma TV displays and internet connection which means minimal to no work is needed on your part to get this service up and running.

Online Review Management: our proven system has three distinct elements that come together seamlessly to provide your practice with all the capabilities needed to have a great online reputation:

    • => A user friendly  REVIEW COLLECTION system  to get your clients or patients to provide more online reviews that accurately represent the quality of service you offer. Our simple system allows your front desk personnel to send patients a link that makes it easy for them (your patients) to post reviews on the more than 30 review sites we support including Google, Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMD etc. We can also easily integrate this personalized link on your website or Facebook page to give more opportunities for patients to advocate on your behalf. Our system is smart enough to detect patients who will give negative reviews and in such cases we route the patient away from posting on online review sites and towards a feedback form that allows to learn what went wrong. 
      • => A 24/7 MONITORING system that constantly scours online for reviews, news and comments that relate to your practice and provides you with an always fresh reputation REPORT CARD that shows your current online reputation. It alerts you whenever it detects negative news and allows you to relax knowing that any change in the perception of you online will be immediately detected. Our monitoring system is also able to detect and correct out of date or wrong information about your practice on various review sites. 
        • => A bespoke RAPID RESPONSE FRAMEWORK that provides both strategic and execution capabilities needed to mitigate negative reviews. For each such incident, we will provide a customized template that is designed to ensure you have the best possible strategy to deal with the particular negative incident you are facing. We will also provide assistance with the actual communications you need to carry out to either: a) remove such negative reviews; b) or at a minimum, provide the necessary context that ensures such negative stories do not become a drag on your online brand.



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